American Airlines is one of the world’s largest airline carriers moving nearly 200 million passengers annually. Email is a huge driver of revenue for the brand and they looked to increase revenue per customer while adding a deeper level of personalization based on individual customer preferences.

The Cheetah Digital Strategic Services Team developed a strategy that utilized the Customer Engagement Suite to reach that goal. First, Cheetah Experiences was deployed to collect the ever important zero-party data, including psychographic information about how, when and where customers would plan to fly. Those insights fed into Cheetah’s Journey Designer which put each customer on a unique email path that included hyper-personalized content and offers matching their needs.

They essentially moved from the typical ‘batch and blast’ email with a one-size-fits-all offer and delivered personalized, real-time offers based on known psychographic data declared directly from the customer. This led to increased open rates, a lift in engagement scores and ultimately a lift in revenue per member.

In this session we’ll discuss this strategy, the mechanics and the results with Erin Lomers, Senior Manager in the Marketing Comms Planning & Owned Channels at American Airlines. This is a must-attend event for anyone looking to unlock the power of zero-party data and lift revenue using personalization in any marketing channel.


open rates on personalized emails


lift in overall engagement


customer response using Cheetah Experiences


Erin Lomers headshot

Erin Lomers

Senior Manager in the Marketing Comms Planning & Owned Channels at American Airlines

Tim Glomb headshot

Tim Glomb, VP Content, Cheetah Digital

Tim Glomb is the VP of Content at Cheetah Digital where he leads the development of multimedia content to enable sales and marketing along with client success. Tim is also the founder of Audience Sherpa, a strategic consulting firm that helps brands such as Bowtech, Health-Ade Kombucha, and Leupold & Stevens build, manage, and engage consumer databases through services such as personalized messaging and privacy compliance.

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