How the Salling Group Engages 35% of Danish Retail Population

As the largest retailer in Denmark, Salling Group sees over 11 million customers a week through its grocery store chains, coffee shops, restaurants, and stores.

Coming off of an amazing loyalty rollout in 2020, Salling Group’s András Szőcs discusses the hurdles and successes since then as well as their expansion of the Customer Engagement Suite into their strategies. This session is bound to inspire and enlighten marketers, no matter their industry.


customers per week


Engages 35% of Danish Retail Population

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most downloaded apps in Denmark when loyalty apps launched


András Szőcs, Head of Customer Programs & Center of Excellence, Salling Group

András Szöcs is a leader with over 12 years of experience in several areas of FMCG/Retail marketing, including customer experience, loyalty, and end-to-end marketing operations.

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