Generating Insights from Data – Citizen Data Scientist

Most marketers do not have enough data science resources at the ready to efficiently extract predictive and prescriptive insights from their customer data. Join this session led by Nick Einstein and Schuyler Wareham from the product team to learn how to democratize your data and enable more of your marketing team members to generate insights and audiences without having deep knowledge of data science and advanced analytics.


Nicholas Einstein headshot

Nicholas Einstein, Senior Director, Product Marketing

Nick evaluates new growth opportunities for the Customer Engagement Suite roadmap, presents thought leadership at industry events, and leads cross-functional teams for product launches and market announcements.

Schuyler Wareham headshot

Schuyler Wareham, Senior Director Product, Analytics

Schuyler is focused on advancing Cheetah’s machine learning and analytics capabilities. He has a deep expertise in data science and analytics, developed over the course of his lengthy product management career.

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