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An Illustrated Guide to Collecting Zero Party Data with Forrester Analyst Stephanie Liu

12pm EDT | 5pm BST | 9am PDT

Forrester Analyst Stephanie Liu takes us through an illustrated journey of how brands are gathering zero-party data. From quizzes to polls, contests to giveaways, there really are endless ways to gather the data that will make engaging with your audience the foundation of a real relationship. 

Forrester recently turned their latest research (August 2020) on zero-party data into an illustrated guide showing how marketers can create simple microexperiences that reward them with rich and detailed psychographic data. Led by Analyst Stephanie Liu, this session will offer inspiration for your own marketing campaigns. 

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Stephanie Liu
Analyst, Forrester
Stephanie Liu

Steph is an analyst serving B2C marketing professionals. Her research focuses on marketing technologies, including marketing resource management and mobile engagement automation, as well as customer trust and privacy. She helps Forrester clients understand and navigate the rapidly changing landscapes of martech and privacy. Her research topics cover methods for marketers to drive efficiency and apply customer data in privacy-safe ways.

Watch Stephanie live on September 29th in "An Illustrated Guide to Collecting Zero Party Data."