How to Build a Customer Obsessed Strategy with Shar VanBoskirk, Forrester

Watch Shar VanBoskirk at Signals 20. 

There are brands that customers obsess over. There are no substitutions, no replacements, and the hype is real. 

How do you begin to explain it? What makes a brand worth of customer devotion? In this Signals session, you’ll hear from Forrester Principal Analyst and customer obsession expert Shar VanBoskirk, who explores the meaning of customer obsession, why it’s a good idea, and how to think about it. You’ll also learn the mechanics of putting it into practice — and how data and the value exchange are essential to the strategy. Take a journey with us down the path to customer obsession.

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Shar Vanboskirk
VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester
Shar Vanboskirk

Shar helps CMOs lead customer-obsessed strategies at their firms while also transforming their marketing functions to deliver brand experiences that are relevant to empowered customers. Her specific research focuses on marketing strategy, budgets, staffing, organization, and creating an operating model for customer obsession. Shar has spent many years helping clients create optimal digital marketing teams and programs, leveraging research on email marketing, consumer psychology, storytelling, and digital maturity.

See Shar in "How to Build a Customer Obsessed Strategy."

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