Australian Digital Consumer Trends Index 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers’ digital expectations have risen exponentially. Digital natives have been joined online by consumers who traditionally choose bricks over clicks. That’s a larger online audience than ever before.

Our 2021 global study with Econsultancy sought to attain granular insight, and understand the expectations and attitudes consumers have on personalisation, privacy, messaging, advertising, social media, loyalty and much more.

In this session we dive into how Australian consumers’ views compare to the rest of the world and you’ll learn:

  • How when it comes to sales, email stacks up against paid social and display advertising
  • Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in social media usage, consumers want brands to invest in loyalty programs over social advertising
  • How conscientious consumers are switching brands for ethical reasons that match their environmental, corporate and political values

All attendees to this session will receive the full Digital Consumer Trends Index – surveying over 5,000 global consumers and broken down by country and age demographic

Join Alex Smit, Marketing Strategist and Kiri Glover, Customer Success Manager, ANZ, Cheetah Digital where we delve into the insights and the numbers.


55% of Australian consumers are comfortable in sharing data with brands in exchange for a better service


Post COVID-19, 45% of Australian consumers will continue to buy more through digital channels


86% of Australian consumers would rather brands invest in loyalty programs than advertise on Facebook


Alexandra Smit headshot

Alexandra Smit

Marketing Strategist, Cheetah Digital

Kiri Glover headshot

Kiri Glover

Customer Success Manager, ANZ, Cheetah Digital