COBS Bread is a community-focused bakery founded on values and tradition. Community and human connections are integral to their customer strategy, both in-store and online. With over 125 bakeries, their footprint is vast and their need for real-time marketing and engagement is paramount. Come listen and learn how their recent COBS Club Loyalty program with Cheetah Digital rolled out in 2021 smashing their acquisition expectations. We’ll hear how the data and insights from that program are already getting them closer to the customer while shaping the products and services they offer and what the future of prediction and personalization looks like for the brand.


locations in U.S. and Canada


consecutive winners of Franchisees’ Choice


Serving fresh, handcrafted baked goods for over 40 years

Speaker: Brad Bissonnette

Brad, VP Marketing & Franchise Recruitment

VP Marketing & Franchise Recruitment, COBS Bread

Brad joined COBS Bread in March 2017 to support growing the brand across North America and leads the company’s marketing, product development and franchise recruitment teams.

Brad’s career has spanned over two decades in the food & beverage and hospitality industries including serving as Senior Director, Partnership Services for Oilers Entertainment Group where he led partnership marketing, media valuation and corporate hospitality. Bissonnette also held several leadership roles with Boston Pizza International including Director of Marketing.

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