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Client Success: How Salling Group Hit Annual Membership Goals in 4 Weeks

11am EDT | 4pm BST | 8am PDT

A best-in-class loyalty program goes way beyond your customers stacking up points for purchases. It also doesn’t hang on a one-size-fits-all template.

As the largest retailer in Denmark, Salling Group sees over 11 million customers a week through its grocery store chains, coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. This summer they launched a loyalty app that has been massively popular. Today, we’re joined by Andras Szocs, Senior Director and Head of Customer Programs and Center of Excellence to explain how their data-driven loyalty strategy combines customer data across their multiple brands to create unique, personalized offers resulting in significant increase in revenue and engagement early in the program’s launch. A rockstar in digital transformation, Andras will share the must-have components when considering your own digital acceleration project.

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András Szöcs
Head of Customer Program and Center of Excellence, Salling Group
András Szöcs

András Szöcs is a leader with over 12 years of experience in several areas of FMCG/Retail marketing, including customer experience, loyalty, and end-to-end marketing operations. He is currently the Head of Customer Program and Center of Excellence at Salling Group, Denmark's largest retailer serving 11 million customers per week.

See András live on October 26th in "How Salling Group Hit Annual Membership Goals in 4 Weeks."

Tim Glomb
VP of Content & Data, Cheetah Digital
Tim Glomb

Tim Glomb is the VP of Content and Data at Cheetah Digital where he leads the development of multimedia content to enable sales and marketing along with client success. Tim is also the founder of Audience Sherpa, a strategic consulting firm that helps brands such as Bowtech, Health-Ade Kombucha, and Leupold & Stevens build, manage, and engage consumer databases through services such as personalized messaging and privacy compliance.

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