Tips from the Experts: Cheetah Loyalty — Creating a Best-in-Class Program

This LIVE session has ended but you can watch it on-demand now

Did you know that 75% of consumers stop engaging in loyalty programs because the rewards aren’t valuable or relevant? That’s the trap brands fall into when trying to adopt a cookie-cutter loyalty program — if it doesn’t reflect your brand values or your customers’ needs and desires — it will often fail.

In this session, Cheetah Loyalty experts Jon Siegal and Bruce Swann explore what it means to have a loyalty program that goes beyond just rewarding spending. They’ll show you what a best-in-class loyalty program looks like and how Cheetah Digital is the ideal partner to help brands to either create such a program or invigorate their existing underachieving program to achieve marketing, loyalty and organizational goals.

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Bruce Swann headshot

Bruce Swann

Sr Director, Product Marketing, Cheetah Digital

Jon Siegal headshot

Jon Siegal

SVP, Global Loyalty Sales, Cheetah Digital

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