Tips From the Experts: Cheetah Experiences — Exploring the Top 5 Programs of 2020

First- and zero-party data are the foundation of truly great, truly personalized marketing campaigns. With the right strategy in place and the right technology, brands can connect with consumers in genuine and authentic ways.

SVP of Global Experiences Nick Watson and Senior Director Product Marketing Nicholas Einstein join together to show you how to launch, grow, and optimize your zero-party data program using Cheetah Experiences. Join the session to learn why some of the world’s leading brands use Cheetah Experiences as their solution for data acquisition and activation and what makes their programs successful. You’ll also see some of the most valuable programs of the year, explore 85+ Experiences in the library, and see exactly what separates Cheetah Experiences from the pack.


Nick Watson headshot

Nick Watson

SVP, Global Experiences Solutions, Cheetah Digital

Nick Einstein headshot

Nick Einstein

Sr Director, Product Marketing, Cheetah Digital