Engagement your customers deserve

Our solutions serve every touchpoint across your customer lifecycle, creating more impactful customer interactions and deeper emotional loyalty.

Provide true value for customers

With the power of the Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite, marketers can create personalised experiences, cross-channel messages, and loyalty strategies — all from a set of unified, user-friendly, data-driven solutions underpinned by an engagement data platform ready to scale to meet consumers’ changing demands. 


Power your marketing channels at scale

Industry-leading marketing requires industry-leading data management technology. Cheetah Engagement Data Platform is redefining enterprise-scale data collection, unification, segmentation, and insights. Our real-time data platform sits at the heart of every Cheetah Digital solution, enabling end-to-end customer lifecycle management across every customer marketing, loyalty, and experience touchpoint.


Collect and activate valuable zero-party data

Customers don’t just want personalised experiences — they expect them. But they expect strict data and privacy controls, too. Cheetah Experiences solves this modern challenge by enabling marketers to acquire permissioned first- and zero-party data with over 85 pre-built, interactive experiences across any digital touchpoint, including quizzes, social stories, polls, and more.


Deliver seamless cross-channel communications

Global, enterprise-scale marketing requires more precision, expertise, and data management expertise than ever before. With Cheetah Messaging, marketers can easily deploy robust cross-channel campaigns, compile data from multiple sources to create a single customer view, and strategically promote desired customer behaviours — effectively increasing revenue and enhancing customer experiences.


Create customer loyalty that lasts

Every offer, point, reward, experience, and promotion you provide should directly enhance customers’ loyalty to your brand. Cheetah Loyalty’s agile, data-driven platform makes it easy to personally recognise and reward loyal behaviours across mobile, web, social, email, application, and point-of-sale interaction points.