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Cheetah Digital named a Preferred Vendor


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Cheetah Digital has been named a Preferred Vendor in Loyalty360 Technology Today: Industry Report.

This report reviews over 30 vendors, collecting both quantitative and qualitative data points, including first-hand brand perceptions, feedback, and experiences, and is analyzed by the LARGEST loyalty association in the world.

We are incredibly proud to be ranked with their highest classification. Let’s be clear, this is more valuable to us than any normal analyst ranking — this is real world feedback from loyalty practitioners themselves — the folks that actually do the implementations and deliver the business value for their brands.




All approved brand/marketer webinar attendees will receive a copy of Loyalty360’s Technology Today Industry Report, compliments of Cheetah Digital. All download requests are subject to approval by Loyalty360 and Cheetah Digital. Only brand marketers are eligible to receive a complimentary copy of Loyalty360s Technology Today Report. You are considered a brand/marketer if you are responsible for designing, executing or supporting customer engagement marketing or loyalty strategies for your organization. Vendor, supplier partners, consultants, agencies, freelancers, media entities, or those in B2B business development or similar roles are not eligible for a complimentary download but may purchase the report on Loyalty360.org


For any concerns please contact Loyalty360 directly at info@loyalty360.org

12 months of success

This recognition builds on a phenomenal 12 months of success for Cheetah Digital and our Loyalty customers. In 2020 we cleaned up on many awards, here are just a few:

Vans was Loyalty Magazine’s Regional Loyalty Champion of the Year for the Americas
Cheetah Digital and Vans honored at Loyalty360 Awards for Incentive & Reward Design
Cheetah Digital and Vans received the Bronze Award at the Loyalty360 Awards for Customer Engagement & Advocacy
Cheetah Digital and Donatos received the Silver Award at the Loyalty360 Awards for Customer Insights & Metrics
Cheetah Digital was the Best Use of Technology Winner at the Loyalty Magazine Awards
Cheetah Digital Named Platinum 360 Vendor of the Year by Loyalty360


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