The ROI Of Customer Loyalty

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B2C marketers are struggling to make the case for long-term investments in loyalty. 

All too many brands still invest far more resources in customer acquisition strategies than customer retention. Yet when it comes to the bottom-line, reducing attrition rates by a mere 5% can see profits increase from 25% to a staggering 95%. For marketers there should be no greater achievement than locking-in a loyal customer — one who not only has affinity for the company’s products, but trust for the brand’s promises.

This report from Forrester will help forward-thinking marketers develop the business case for fully-fledged loyalty strategies that go beyond points-win-prizes and collect behavioral and preference data, and incentivize repeat purchasing. It includes:

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  • Forrester’s Total Economic Impact methodology to demonstrate the tangible value of loyalty programs for marketing and beyond
  • Quantify the operational gains and incremental performance lift (inclusive of incurred technology costs) of a comprehensive platform - like Cheetah Loyalty
  • Insight on how to reduce membership attrition, churn, or idleness and increase wallet share

Whether you’re just getting started or have plenty of experience with loyalty initiatives, this
complimentary report by leading analysts from Forrester, will furnish you with tools to
champion loyalty as an essential rather than nice-to-have in your business.