It’s OK To Break Up With Social Media

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In the Forrester Report titled “It’s OK To Break Up With Social Media” we learn that marketers have been complicit in social media’s mess. Instead of consumers leading the conversation, marketers have been loading these platforms with content and advertisements competing for consumers’ attention and helping create quite the quagmire.  

The report shares consumer views on how trustworthy social content is today, how “cool” it may or may not be to associate with a brand on social platforms and how many consumers are spending less time on these platforms. You’ll also read why social is not crucial to your brand goals and why you should be listening more than trying to be heard.

This report is a must have for the modern marketer trying to navigate the increasingly difficult social landscape.

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2020 has already seen massive ad boycotts questioning social media’s stance on hate speech and along with shifting trends on how consumers are both adopting and abandoning social today. This report will help you reevaluate social media and its place in your engagement strategy.

A peek inside:

  • The 3 reasons how marketers have been complicit in social media’s mess
  • 37% percent of US online adults believe social media does more harm than good
  • Only 14% of US online adults believe the info they read on social media is trustworthy
  • The 6 stages of the customer lifecycle in which consumers use social media
  • How to listen and gain true insight