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The Latest Global Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging, Advertising, and Brand Loyalty

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Download The 2022 Report

Our 3rd annual global research reveals consumer trends related to their relationships with brands.

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Infographic of Global Data

In a hurry? Get the key takeaways on personalization, privacy, messaging, advertising, and brand loyalty.

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Webinar with Econsultancy

The 30 key consumer trends marketers need to activate in 2022 to drive revenue.

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Loyalty 360

Latest Consumer Trends

Marigold Engage+’s 2022 Consumer Trends Index reveals the wants and needs of global consumers when considering the relationships they have with their favorite brands.

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Webinar with Econsultancy

Expert insight and analysis on what consumers expect from the brands they do business with.

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U.S. Digital Consumer Trends

All data contrasted with consumers from around the globe, as well as our 2021 study.

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Global Trends by Age Group

Generational trends for Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers.

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US Infographics By Channel

Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty Infographic

The brands that go all-in with loyalty and develop a
comprehensive program that goes beyond points-for prizes will win in a world of infinite choice.

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Messaging Infographic

U.S. consumers are clear, they want messaging that reflects their wants and needs, treats them like an
individual and is consistent whatever channel they
engage on.

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Personalization Infographic

U.S. consumers are craving more
individualization from brands and rewarding those that have made that commitment.

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Privacy Infographic

As Google cements plans to comprehensively curtail third-party cookie tracking within the next couple of years, and other browsers follow suit, the way in which marketers connect with
consumers is undergoing radical change.

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Infographics By Region

Australia outline

Australian Infographic

Australian Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging, Advertising, and Brand Loyalty.

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France outline

France Infographic

Tendances mondiales et comportement des consommateurs en matière de personnalisation, de.

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Spain outline

Spain Infographic

Actitudes e inclinaciones de los consumidores españoles en cuanto a personalización, privacidad, mensajería, publicidad y fidelidad a las marcas.

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United Kingdom outline

United Kingdom Infographic

U.K. Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging, Advertising, and Brand Loyalty.

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United States outline

United States Infographic

U.S. Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging, Advertising, and Brand Loyalty.

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Infographics By Industry

Financial Services Infographic

Top stats on consumers’ growing demand for privacy and personalization with the financial services brands they trust.

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Media & Publishing Infographic

As consumer trends evolve, traditional media & publishing business models are losing out. These are the stats you need to know.

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Restaurants Infographic

The data on key guest experiences drivers that will impact your revenue goals in both the short and long term.

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Retail Infographic

The purchasing path is anything but straight-forward. Get the latest consumer trends and attitudes in retail.

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Travel Infographic

Exclusive data to empower travel & hospitality marketers to deliver on guests’ growing demand for better personalization.

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Metaverse and the Future of Privacy

Special edition of Thinking Caps – Christopher Wylie, Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower, shares his thoughts on the metaverse, marketing hurdles, and the future of privacy issues.

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The Zero-Party Data Playbook 2022

Download this playbook to find the solution to the death of the cookie, and see examples from leading brands who are implementing a fully-fledged zero-party data strategy.

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Future Of Omnichannel Personalization

Watch a discussion on how relationship marketing can help you establish long-lasting relationships with data, insights, and real-time experiences.

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U.S. Digital Consumer Trends 2022

Our new global research reveals the key trends driving purchase decisions for U.S. consumers. Get all the data revealing online consumer expectations, the channels consumers want to connect on and the data they’re prepared to share in return for more personalized experiences.

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