The world of retail is undergoing a transformation.

As digital consumers move from bricks to clicks and disruptors continue to eat into market share, retail brands need to find a new way to turn one-off purchases into loyal customers. 

By shifting to a zero-party data strategy, retailers can deliver truly personalized shopping experiences both in-store and online that increase spend-per-visit and build lasting relationships with fickle consumers.

Download this ebook packed with retail stats to learn how fueling marketing through self-reported preference data will help you connect with consumers on every digital touchpoint and engender lasting loyalty. 

  • Only 11% of US retail sales happen online, meaning a wealth of digital opportunity for proactive marketers
  • Implementing a fully-fledged personalization strategy sees 5x higher spend per transaction for retailers
  • Retailers that increase customer loyalty by just 5% see up to a 95% increase in profits
Start tailoring your marketing efforts to fit each individual shopper.

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