New Sailthru Experiences Enables Brands to Capture First- and Zero-Party Data to Future-Proof Cross-Channel Marketing

New Engagement Solution Allows Marketers to Grow Consumer Databases and Build Even Richer Profiles through Progressive Data Collection

Marigold today announced that Sailthru, the leading personalized marketing automation SaaS solution for retailers, publishers and media, has introduced Sailthru Experiences. This powerful new offering extends the Sailthru platform and allows customers to build and engage audiences through the collection of first- and zero-party data across the entire customer lifecycle. Today’s launch of Sailthru Experiences, which follows the release of SMS this spring, further underscores Marigold’s investment and commitment to delivering best-in-class marketing and engagement solutions that address the challenges marketers in retail, publishing and media face.

Built on capabilities acquired as part of Marigold’s merger with Cheetah Digital earlier this year, Sailthru Experiences helps marketers quickly and easily create and activate interactive experiences – such as polls and quizzes – without involving their IT team. These experiences allow marketers to collect deep, self-reported information on people’s motivations, intentions and interests, and ultimately create tighter, more personal relationships with their customers.

Sailthru Experiences is a real-time, dynamic tool that seamlessly integrates with existing Sailthru solutions like email, SMS and mobile push. Marketers can simply add Sailthru Experiences directly into text and call-to-action buttons in campaigns without any technical training. The data collected flows directly into Sailthru’s User Profiles, where it can be activated in real-time across paid, owned and earned channels.

Featuring more than 80 pre-built experiences natively integrated, Sailthru Experiences allows marketers to:

  • Quickly create interactive, consumer-facing digital experiences that offer a value exchange in return for key consumer data, including psychographic information
  • Obtain explicitly declared zero- and first-party data directly from consumers that includes opt-in consent and meets privacy compliance, at scale
  • Provide truly personalized customer journeys in real-time based on enriched customer data profiles
  • Reduce marketing spend and churn while increasing engagement and revenue with an always-on personalization and progressive profiling strategy

“In a recent study, we found that 74% of global consumers want brands to recognize them as an individual. This means the future of marketing is relationship-driven, built on creating personalized experiences throughout the entire customer journey,” said Desta Price, Chief Product Officer at Marigold. “Additionally, the eventual demise of cookies, along with increasing legislation addressing nefarious third-party data practices, means brands need to own their customer data outright and that includes obtaining proper consent. Sailthru Experiences easily allows marketers to offer a value exchange to gather both the data and consent that is critical to building one-to-one relationships with consumers at scale.”

Sailthru Experiences helps marketers implement and activate their data-driven relationship marketing strategies across media and retail with little-to-no technical experience. This offering is a true end-to-end solution that provides a single view of the customer while supporting personalized messaging in real-time. That means meeting consumers with relevant content and offers, delivering increased conversion rates and enabling brands to ultimately lift their customer lifetime value.

This offering was developed to address the growing need to build stronger relationships with consumers and meet their increased demands to be recognized as individuals. The 2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index reveals that 92% of global consumers would offer brands their own personal information in exchange for loyalty points and 52% would take early access to products or exclusive content for the exchange. There was an 18% increase from 2021 in consumer willingness to offer zero-party data for the chance to win a prize. Furthermore, 71% of consumers have a favorite brand as it clearly strives to develop a relationship with its customers and 80% have a favorite as it provides a consistent experience. Sailthru Experiences bridges the knowledge gap marketers have today with their customers to foster a truly personalized experience and build mutually beneficial relationships.

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Marigold is a set of world-class marketing solutions that help marketers deliver value across the entire customer lifecycle. Marigold now includes Campaign Monitor, Emma, Vuture, Liveclicker, Sailthru, Selligent and Cheetah Digital. By joining together these leading brands, Marigold offers a variety of Relationship Marketing use cases that can be used by marketers at any level. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Marigold has offices globally across the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Central America, as well as in Japan.

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