Cheetah Digital Launches Data Centre In Australia

For industries that require their data to be hosted within Australia's borders and lightning quick experiences, Cheetah Digital now has a solution whereby your customer data is stored solely in Australia. Bakers Delight have partnered with Cheetah Digital to be the first brand to take advantage for their 700 global bakeries.

Melbourne, Victoria, 20 May, 2020 — Cheetah Digital, the end-to-end data acquisition, messaging, and loyalty solution today announced that it has launched a dedicated data centre in Australia. 

In light of recent high-profile data scandals and privacy legislation sweeping the globe, consumers are increasingly cognizant of the value of their data. Where privacy was once an afterthought of many brands’ go-to-market strategy, it is fast becoming as vital a differentiator as price, product, and customer experience. For proactive brands, rooted in permission-based marketing and a fully-fledged privacy-first strategy this is an opportunity to forge more honest, meaningful connections with consumers. 

That is why Cheetah Digital has launched a dedicated data centre in Australia — meaning that those brands that collect and store the data of Australian consumers can do so solely within Australia’s borders.

The Cheetah Digital data centre will allow Australian businesses to have access to Cheetah Digital’s latest innovations faster, and more efficiently — chiefly, the Engagement Data Platform, an evolution of the traditional CDP. It delivers a single, unified view, providing real-time
data collection, segmentation, and insights — while enabling truly-personalized cross-channel communications, customer experiences, and loyalty programs all from one easy-to-use platform.

The first brand to take advantage of the data centre, and the benefits it provides is world-renowned bakery franchise; Bakers Delight.

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Bakers Delight are thrilled to have recently selected Cheetah Digital as our complete end-to-end marketing technology partner.” Said Kristy Elsworth, Loyalty, CRM & Digital Marketing Manager, Bakers Delight.

"After thoroughly evaluating the market, it was clear that Cheetah Digital was the only partner that could deliver an all-in-one solution to support us in achieving our business objectives and deliver a seamless customer experience; from developing a deeper understanding of our customers to driving brand loyalty, we know Cheetah has the capabilities to support us in both the short and long-term.

As a franchise business we have a large technology ecosystem, so it was crucial we found a partner that could integrate with a range of systems and deliver on our unique and complex requirements. The data security and reduced latency that Cheetah Digital offered us with their market-first Engagement Data Platform that resides in Australia was a defining factor in our decision-making.


For brands that have relied on third-party data sets and cookie tracking to power their marketing and personalization initiatives, this time of digital flux is quite the headache. However, for those brands committed to building lasting relationships with its customers the rewards are limitless. They will have the ability to collect the data required to deliver contextual messaging and loyalty initiatives across all channels that turn one-off customers into loyal brand advocates. 

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Although Cheetah Digital has a global footprint, we are excited to launch this dedicated data centre in Australia.” said Billy Loizou, Vice President Go-To-Market. “This data centre is a part of our on-going commitment to our valued Australian customers and their customers. We are excited about having a local flagship brand like Bakers Delight lead the way!

By taking a privacy-first approach, our forward-thinking customers will be empowered to build direct relationships with consumers and, in turn, collect the data required to deliver truly personalized experiences, messaging, and loyalty initiatives across every digital channel.


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