Cheetah Digital Debuts Email Marketing Enhancement Products
New Cheetah Tokenization and Cheetah Message Archive help marketers deliver personalized experiences while protecting consumer data privacy and adhering to global regulations

CHICAGO – June 14, 2019 – Cheetah Digital, the world’s leading independent, enterprise cross-channel marketing software company, today announces two new email marketing products, Cheetah Tokenization and Cheetah Message Archive. With both enhancements, marketers can better deliver personalized experiences while protecting consumer data privacy and adhering to ever-evolving corporate data retention policies.

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Our new email marketing enhancements are the latest in a long list of our upcoming innovations to help enterprise brands effectively engage with and build emotional loyalty with their customers,” said Bill Ingram, chief product officer, Cheetah Digital. “Building lasting customer relationships requires integrated, personalized cross-channel engagement and Cheetah Digital is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology to help enterprise brands succeed.


Send Emails Without Storing Personally Identifiable Information

With the digital revolution increasing risks in terms of data security, companies are rightfully more cautious about customer data leaving their database. This has changed the way companies think about managing and sharing their customer data, especially those in industries such as healthcare and finance that have regulations around personally identifiable information. 

Cheetah Tokenization enables clients to mitigate the risk of customer data breaches by replacing identifiable keys (e.g., email addresses) with non-personally identifiable information (PII) based tokens generated from the client’s own database service prior to an email send. By tokenizing email addresses, clients are able to use their rich data for building personalized campaigns, while having complete control over their data and without disrupting processes or putting customer privacy at risk. The solution helps clients meet global data privacy and data security regulations like GDPR and industry regulations specific to healthcare and finance. 

Archive, Store, and Access Copies of Individual Emails

Today’s leading marketers are looking to utilize highly-personalized email content, often sending different content to each and every individual customer from the same campaign. This creates a deep history of hundreds of millions (or billions) of emails sent over time, which often need to be properly stored and easily accessible to customer-facing employees across the entire organization. For instance, customer service representatives working to resolve a customer inquiry about a brand email they received need to easily recall a specific email sent to an individual customer. Additionally, businesses in regulated industries such as financial services, banking, and credit reporting must maintain messaging archives to comply with regulatory retention and audit obligations and protect business emails for ediscovery.

Cheetah Message Archive offers brands the ability to store and search exact copies of emails deployed to individual customers within minutes of the messages being sent. This enhancement gives clients recipient-level access to every message sent from Marketing Suite or CheetahMail, satisfying customer support, legal, and compliance use cases. With Cheetah Message Archive, clients enjoy the benefits of instant customer email recall without maintaining their own storage and search solutions.

Cheetah Tokenization and Cheetah Message Archive are available today and actively being used by clients. To learn more about Cheetah Digital’s new products, visit

About Cheetah Digital

Cheetah Digital is the world's largest independent enterprise cross-channel marketing technology company. We provide a unique combination of technology and in-house professional services that marketers require to manage the breadth of data they possess and to deliver on the complex channel execution required to create lasting customer relationships. We are a true partner to the best brands around the globe, including Williams-Sonoma, American Express and Hilton. Cheetah Digital is a global business with employees in 26 offices across 13 countries. Cheetah Digital is dedicated to marketers.

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