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Uncaged Wisdom on The Benefits of Migrating from Legacy Email Platforms

with Armand Castro, Senior Solutions Consultant at Cheetah Digital

Armand Castro on Uncaged Wisdom
with Armand Castro, Senior Solutions Consultant at Cheetah Digital
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Today's guest is so good he’s our first free repeater, a term we learned from the Ghostbusters, of course. Making his second appearance on Uncaged Wisdom, Armand Castro — Senior Solutions Consultant at Cheetah Digital — talks to Julian and guest-host Louise Hamer-Brown, about the benefits of moving from older email platforms to Cheetah Messaging. 

Although we all have a soft spot for tried and tested legacy systems, most have now become a little dated. In this chat, we hope to drive home that there are many more capabilities and more items for our clients to love with Cheetah Messaging. 

Armand takes us through three pillars of differentiation between the old and new or, put another way, marketers’ benefits to upgrading. Data, Execution, and Growth. Louise also emphasizes that our customer teams are here to help clients through this migration journey every step of the way.

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Your hosts

Julian Bracey-Davis
Senior Director of Client & Vertical Content, Cheetah Digital
Julian Bracey-Davis

Julian is the Senior Director of Client & Vertical Content for Cheetah Digital. Prior to this Julian was the Head of Customer Success & Account Management for Experiences in AMER. Over the past 10 years, he has been focused on making strategies and software work for brands and the digital marketers trying to implement them. Once an Englishman in NYC, now a Cornishman in Coppell, TX. The line is a dot to him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kayla Siegmeier
Kayla Siegmeier
Senior Manager, Communications Strategy, Cheetah Digital
Kayla Siegmeier

Kayla Siegmeier manages Cheetah Digital’s client-related content and strategic communications along with client advocacy and analyst relations. She has spent her career in B2C marketing with a focus on the development and execution of strategic loyalty programs, direct response, and brand marketing. She now brings that experience and passion for analyzing member behaviors to drive loyalty and engagement to Cheetah Digital, helping showcase the value of the Customer Engagement Suite to leading marketers through the stories of our clients. When not discussing the value of developing emotional loyalty, Kayla can be found enjoying the outdoors with her husband and two children.