Scott McNealy is Back and Gives His Take on COVID-19 and More

Thinking Caps

In this episode, Tim Glomb and Richard Jones chat with Scott McNealy regarding advice business leaders need to consider during the COVID-19 crisis. And Scott should know — as the former CEO of Sun Microsystems, he has weathered many storms in his years. He has some excellent perspective and advice for leaders in challenging times. Some highlights:

3:40: The boom… before the bust

9:40: The emotional rollercoaster and saying “No!”

13:12: The moment the crash happened, what do you do? Focus on branches, not the leaves.

19:50: Flattened the org, seize the opportunities.

24:55: Does the global nature of COVID-19 level the crisis playing field for all businesses?

31:20: hysteria and media and the ‘hoardemic’. 

35:50: The infodemic in COVID-19. 

39:10: Approaching decisions on budget in a free fall. Own your ‘make/buy’ decisions every day to be prepared.

43:11:, an open-source platform for education:


Thank you to Scott for joining us again. Curious about how we can work with your brand? Request a demo and chat with a member of our sales team. 

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