A Data-Smart Marketing Company Navigating a Cookie-Less World

Thinking Caps

What’s it like to live and breathe data? How do brands navigate the “sea of confusion” surrounding CDPs? Today on Thinking Caps, Andrea Ghibaudi, Director of Enterprise Strategy at Silverbullet Data Services Group, a data-smart marketing services company. Andrea shares what it’s like to work for a company like Silverbullet where collecting, organizing, and comprehending data for organizations is their bread and butter. Tim and Richard ask Andrea to share his high-level data strategies for companies, how CPG brands can look beyond just e-commence data for insights, and just how important it is to collect the right type of data. Learn what it takes to live a data-smart brand mission. 

Also, if you’re interested, don’t forget to check out Marigold Engage+’s partner, Silverbullet

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