Deliver personalised, highly-segmented email marketing campaigns to your millions of customers in a timely, effective manner.

An enterprise email platform you can count on

With over 20 years of proven industry expertise, CheetahMail has helped thousands of marketers connect with their diverse audiences through timely, relevant interactions. CheetahMail enables marketers to quickly upload, segment, and utilise their complex, enterprise-scale data, ensuring they can work at the speeds their brand demand — and deliver the revenue results necessary to support a thriving business.

Proven expertise
With CheetahMail, you can rest assured that every email you send will be delivered in a timely, accurate manner. We have the expertise and experience needed to support your robust campaign strategies and goals.
Streamlined workflow
CheetahMail was designed with marketers in mind. Every step of its workflow is quick and intuitive. It’s simple for busy marketers to manage their campaign workload and measure results.
CRM ready
We understand that your existing CRM is valuable, and that moving away from it can be a difficult — or even impossible — decision. For your convenience, we designed CheetahMail to work seamlessly with any CRM.
Seamless communications
Information from your CRM is seamlessly pulled into CheetahMail, enabling quicker email builds and deployment. CheetahMail operates off of in-the-moment data, ensuring the accuracy of every communication you send.
Your emails, your way
We make it easy to send emails in the way that best fits your business, campaigns, and strategies. You can send emails based on the data stored in your brand’s chosen CRM or with the data you host in our solution.
Powerful list management
CheetahMail manages millions of rows of data every day with ease. We enable the real-time segmentation and advanced personalization needed to deploy batch and triggered emails at enterprise scale.

We make valuable customer experiences out of your complex, enterprise-scale data, enabling more marketing in less time.


Proven email marketing security

CheetahMail has been an industry-leading email marketing solution for over twenty years. We are dedicated to keeping your brand and customer information secure, and use industry best practises, data encryption, and strict internal security standards to do so. Our Cheetah Message Archive feature even helps brands archive individual emails in a searchable repository for retention reasons or to give the rest of their company access to these communications. We comply with SOC 2 Type 2 and EU General Data Protection Standards.


Want more marketing power?

CheetahMail helps marketers email millions of customers at unparalleled speeds. Marketing Suite helps enable expert cross-channel communications that build better customer experiences, drive revenue growth, and enhance every step of the customer journey.