Marketing Suite

We provide the real-time insights needed to connect all your data sources, create effective cross-channel marketing strategies, and achieve desired revenue goals.

Optimise your cross-channel marketing

The key to deepening relationships with your customers is simple: connect with them by delivering content and messages that matter. Marketing Suite’s robust data management abilities enable marketers to collect, organise, and maintain information about every customer interaction in real time, ensuring future cross-channel campaigns are as impactful as possible.

Enterprise scale
Marketing Suite manages millions of customer profiles, driving more than one billion hyper-personalised messages to our clients’ customers each day. Our big data architecture reliably manages spikes in volume and demand, crunching massive amounts of data and rapidly constructs audience segments.
Single customer view
No matter the location, source, or format of your data, Marketing Suite will ingest, unify, and centralise it. We create a single-view profile that is updated with all recent behavioural and transactional activity all stored in the cloud.
Drag-and-drop segmentation
Effectively marketing to a massive audience requires sending highly-targeted messages to specific segments. Marketing Suite’s drag-and-drop segmentation tools can help you create sophisticated and meaningful audiences from millions of records in seconds, ensuring you reach people in the way that matters most to them.
One workflow, many channels
Creating memorable customer experiences takes careful coordination. Marketing Suite makes it easy to quickly create campaigns and manage business rules for any channel with reusable assets, including audiences, segments, content blocks, and creative strategy.
Enterprise messaging
In a market where competitors are constantly competing for your customers’ business, having a high volume agile marketing platform is key. With Marketing Suite, you can quickly create and deliver scheduled or behaviourally-triggered campaigns via email, SMS, push, or in-app messaging using one interface.
Personalised messages
Personalising every message you send is straightforward with Marketing Suite. We provide an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that enables quick campaign design and deployment, reaching your customers with the individualised information they crave.
Simple messaging
We make it easy to reach your customers for marketing, transactional, or operational purposes. You can upload predefined segments from your existing CRM for triggered or scheduled bulk mailings, and reuse these segments over time.
A/B testing
Every marketer wants their campaigns to perform well — and with Marketing Suite’s responsive previews, content proofing, and automatic A/B testing, you can rest assured they will be poised to do just that before ever hitting send.
Distributed marketing
Operating across the world requires strategic outreach and localised marketing to drive global brand loyalty. Marketing Suite’s distributed marketing tool enables brands to interact with local markets with dynamic, on-brand marketing, unique loyalty programmes, localised offers, promotions, earning opportunities, and rewards.

We provide more than a one-size-fits-all marketing platform — we deliver valuable, actionable tools and insights in a platform that is open, flexible, and extensible.


We take security seriously

Every action you take in Marketing Suite is protected by industry-leading security measures. We make sure your customer, campaign, and company information is safe by utilising proven best practices, data encryption, strict security standards, and regular enhancement that improve our ability to thwart security threats before they ever impact the platform. Additional offerings — such as Cheetah Message Archive and Cheetah Tokenization — further protect customer data and can help meet your brand’s security requirements, whatever they may be.  


Could your customers be more loyal?

Your marketing and loyalty technologies should work together seamlessly. With Marketing Suite and Cheetah Loyalty, you can ensure every touchpoint across your customer journey creates positive experiences that will drive deeper customer relationships and loyalty.