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Learn More about Cheetah Circle, Our Client Community and Advocacy Program

The Cheetah Circle Community is a global network of connected clients and Cheetahs. A space to collaborate on new ideas, share experiences, build your personal brand and be recognized as a thought leader – plus be rewarded for it.

You simply need to be a client of Cheetah Digital, suitable for users/operational to strategists/senior.

Not only this but you’ll benefit from exclusive content, early bird access to content, regular events, access to product & subject matter experts, training materials and our leadership team. Get your voice heard.

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Personal Branding

From your day-today, to advancing your career

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Peers & Cheetahs

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Recognition & Rewards

Redeem monetary, Cheetah & partner services

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Best Practices and Solutions

Finding client stories, benchmarks, trends, reports and innovation

The Cheetah Circle Advocacy Program

Special rewards and opportunities to promote expertise, career highlights and success await our Cheetah Digital advocates. A wealth of profile raising opportunities are available to you, such as:

  • Video testimonials
  • Speak at events
  • Interviews with high profile media titles
  • Participate in thought leadership podcasts
  • Travel and showcase your expertise internationally
  • Write a case study or guest blog
  • Co-host a webinar

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Special rewards and opportunities to promote your expertise, career highlights and success await.
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