Click To Tell It On The Mountain: The Evolution of Cultural Marketing Signals

The marketer’s job specification is to eternally find ways to better understand their customers. In recent years the refinement of their messages has been aimed at attracting a diverse body of consumers. Today’s effort stems from the early attempts to court Black consumers as the Black middle class emerged from the days of the Great Migration and evolved in its interests.

This inspiring and thought-provoking presentation will look at how that emergence and the rise of digital marketing media influences strategies, and solutions used to create stronger bonds with consumers. The digital innovations that have emerged have not always met consumers’ expectations or aligned with their values.

This presentation will look at the history of marketing to black consumers, the rise of data and analytics that influence strategy, and the best practices based on recent failed and successful campaigns.

Speaker: Pierre DeBois

Founder, Zimana

Pierre DeBois is the founder of Zimana, a small business analytics consultancy that reviews data from Web analytics and social media dashboard solutions, then provides recommendations and Web development action that improves marketing strategy and business profitability. He has conducted analysis for various small businesses and has also provided his business and engineering acumen at various corporations such as Ford Motor Co. He writes analytics articles for CMSWire and contributes business book reviews for Small Business Trends, with previous work that can be found on and Pitney Bowes Smart Essentials

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