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Masterclass Series

Cheetah Digital will be spearheading three Masterclass events to help provide a better understanding of our capabilities and to dive deeper into new marketing strategies. These intimate events will allow for the opportunity to hear directly from our experts during their presentations and through roundtable discussions. Register for each session below to join us!

The Reinvention of Personalization
Personalization is all about the data; batch, streaming, structure or unstructured, you need it in one place to aggregate, analyze, and activate. Personalization as a strategy, personalization as a technology, and personalization as a Market is ripe for reinvention.
Surge in Loyalty Marketing in 2021 but with a Twist
Learn how marketers use a loyalty strategy to optimize customer lifetime value in a tough economic environment and how marketers move from a rewards program to a customer loyalty strategy.
No Cookies, No Problem! 25% of CMO's adopt Zero Party Data Strategies in 2021
As more browsers and platforms do away with cookies it becomes more vital for businesses to interact with customers 1:1, garnering their trust and, as a byproduct, their contact information.


Bruce Swann
Sr Director Product Marketing, Cheetah Digital
Bruce Swann

Bruce is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Cheetah Digital. He focuses on the go-to-market strategies for solutions within the Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite, as well as creating and delivering thought leadership at industry events. Before joining Cheetah Digital, Bruce worked at Adobe for nearly 6 years as a Group Product Marketing Manager supporting the Adobe Experience Cloud. Bruce lives in Bozeman, MT, with his wife and three children.

Nick Watson
SVP, Cheetah Experiences
Nick Watson

Nick Watson is SVP of Experiences at Cheetah Digital and has supported brands like Coca-Cola, Shell, Manchester City FC, Bauer Media and Reckitt Benckiser collect over 1.3 billion preference insights, purchase intentions and opt-ins from consumers to power truly personalised marketing. After many years at BBC Magazines and Tag: Worldwide, Nick joined Cheetah Digital to help create technology that made it easier for marketers to collect ‘zero party-data’ across all owned, earned and paid channels.