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FEB 23 - 25

eTail Virtual Summit and Expo

Register today to join the eTail Virtual Summit & Expo. Hear from top experts, such as Cheetah Digital’s CMO, Richard Jones, to learn about the latest disruptive strategies and strategic conversations that are driving retailers in a post COVID world. Our roundtable discussion will discuss the future of the customer journey and personalization while emphasizing the importance of leveraging deep data insights, first and zero-party data, and machine learning to personalize the consumer experience across the journey. We hope to see you there. 

The Reinvention of Personalization Roundtable Discussion
Personalization as a strategy, personalization as a technology, and personalization as a market is ripe for reinvention. The next generation of personalization is here and it’s not about cookies or 3rd party data, and it's not about guesswork. Join Richard Jones, CMO at Cheetah Digital, to discuss the future of the customer journey and personalization.
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Richard Jones
Chief Marketing Officer
Richard Jones

Richard Jones is the CMO at Cheetah Digital, where he oversees a global team that is responsible for all aspects of the brand, demand generation, digital marketing, corporate communications, and sales development. With more than 20 years of marketing, sales and strategy experience, Jones was previously the CEO of Wayin, a global leader in zero-party data collection and activation. There, he helped many of the world’s leading brands such as Daily Mail Group, NHL, Bauer Media, Vodafone,, Reckitt Benckiser, Air New Zealand, and Manchester City FC create zero-party data strategies. In July 2019, Wayin was acquired by Cheetah Digital and rebranded as Cheetah Experiences. Preceding his time at Wayin, Jones co-founded EngageSciences, which merged with Wayin in May 2016. Jones also led regional sales for the EMEA team at Eloqua.