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Our insights and guidance to help marketers address the impact of COVID-19

Cheetah Digital announces actions to address spread of COVID-19

Here are our most recent efforts to ensure continuity of business. 


Addressing the impact

Tips and tools for developing your response plan 

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To Send or Not to Send: Messaging in the Age of COVID-19

Inboxes are getting flooded with emails about COVID-19 from everyone from restaurants to insurance providers. Here's what brands should consider before hitting send.
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Helping Your Loyalty Program Members Deal with COVID-19

Loyalty program members are loyal for a reason — they have a connection with you. During hard times, here are ways you can help and connect back with them.
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COVID-19 and the Opportunities Marketers Have Today, Tomorrow, and How To Get Stronger In These Difficult Times

In the middle of a crisis you may think about hiding until it's over, but for brands and organizations, right now is the time to reassess your tools, strategies, and partnerships.
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Want Your Emails Delivered During COVID-19? Stop Doing These 5 Things

Messaging is one of the best ways for brands to communicate with consumers during a time of crisis; that said, you don't want to damage your email deliverability by doing one of these 5 things.
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SOS with SMS — A COVID-19 Resource We’re Probably Not Using Enough

While SMS has been around for quite some time, it is still an effective channel for communications that has the ability to reach a wide demographic.
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All the Resources You Need and a Customer-First Mindset During COVID-19

What are the experts saying about brands and COVID-19? We've gathered our favorite resources and advice for brands dealing with the current pandemic.

Altruism in our midst

Brands are in a unique position to be helpers. With a common mission and vision, they can assemble employees — and resources — quickly. Here are some examples we've enjoyed of brands supporting the causes they hold true, like small businesses, animal rights, or providing their customers with heartwarming content at no cost. 


Adapting your tactics

Deeper insights and analyses for industries

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Until We Dine Out Again

Restaurants are one of the hardest-hit industries right now. Here's some advice and action restaurant brands can take today to be proactive in the face of a pandemic.
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The Day All the Toilet Paper Went Home: Insights for CPG During the Pandemic

The CPG industry is in a different space than other brands right now. With sales skyrocketing, here's how CPG brands are taking on the challenge.

Finding Connection Through Publishers and Media — Telling the Stories of COVID-19

Paywalls are coming down and information is being shared. Here's how publishing and media brands are making sure important stories are easily accessible.
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How Will the Travel and Hospitality Industry Survive When We’re All Grounded?

Of the industries that are suffering most right now, the travel and hospitality industry is at the top. But there are ways to start planning for the future and taking action now is the most important.
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Engaging Sports Fans When There’s No Live Action

In this time of uncertainty, elite sports brands have an opportunity to engage their fans and drive initiatives that show commitment to them and their communities when they need them most. 
Retailers Guide to the Pandemic

Planning Through the Pandemic: A Guide for Retailers

In this guide for retailers, we cover the three phases of the pandemic, and look at the core shifts in retail customer behaviors and trends that were already starting to move in new directions.

How CPG Brands Can Prepare for a Future After COVID-19

Learn how CPG brands can collect the marketing opt-ins and actionable preference data required to power truly personalized marketing in a world post COVID-19.

5 Steps For Driving Engagement When There’s No Live Entertainment

Learn how leading entertainment and sports brands can engage customers and fans throughout the COVID-19 crisis, despite the halting of all live events.

Ports in a Storm: How the Financial Services Industry Can Shelter Customers

In this guide, we look to focus on three areas for how digital marketers in FinServ brands can plan out their communications for the new business as normal once the worst of COVID-19 has subsided.

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