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The Consumer's POV on Privacy, Messaging, Personalization and Brand Loyalty

Download our 2020 global consumer report plus watch the webinar

Reaching your consumers remotely is more important now than ever. In these extraordinary times delivering clear communications to consumers, fostering good relationships and building loyalty is of the utmost importance.

In our recently published 2020 global study with Econsultancy, we reveal how consumers feel about privacy and their own data. The research also confirms why the ‘value exchange economy’ is crucial to your first-party database growth strategy. Consumers from six different countries share how they like to be engaged, what channels work best, how they want brands to use their data and what works to foster brand loyalty.

All of this research collected during the first two months of 2020, confirms consumer attitudes towards engagement, privacy and loyalty in the shadows of our current global crisis. This information will undoubtedly help your planning as you navigate consumer relationships in these unprecedented times. 

The full report shares not only the raw data but also advice and guidance on nearly 30 topics including:

  • How email stacks up against paid social or display advertising (Hint... email still wins big!)
  • How missteps in loyalty programs are leaving audiences on the table 
  • What data consumers are willing to share and what they expect in return
  • Consumer expectations around loyalty offerings and the most effective tactics brands can employ
  • When consumers are most likely to engage with brand messaging 

Along with the report is an on-demand webinar hosted by Econsultancy and Cheetah Digital’s CMO, Richard Jones. This webcast will give you a great insight into the consumer’s POV on the study topics along with examples of how to execute some best practices in each category.