Having little control over the management of your sending IP can cause problems. So can ignoring the hygiene of your subscriber list. Both could signal to your ISP that you’re a sender not to be trusted.

This was exactly the problem our client, a global financial services company, struggled with.

In a perfect world, sending emails to your subscribers should be as simple as pressing a button. However, ISPs evaluate every email you send. They judge you and appraise your sender reputation. It’s therefore vital that you manage your IP address and keep your lists clean. If you send ‘bad’ data you actually reach less of your ‘good’ data.


Our client was unable to exclusively manage their IP reputation, which led to them inheriting a poor sender profile:

  • Emails were not being delivered to subscribers
  • Opportunities to engage were being missed as list hygiene has been neglected
  • Mandatory regulatory emails weren’t being delivered — with legal implications


Our Consulting team worked with the client to:

  • Reestablish full control by isolating their IP address from the other parts of the business
  • Set up active and inactive IPs, ensuring the deliverability of critical mails
  • Cleanse their email data, identifying inactive subscribers
  • Split their list further into engaged and unengaged
  • Identify consumer trends, behaviors, and attitudes to generate more revenue and engagement


  • Deliverability and open rates increased across all major email platforms
  • Higher inbox placement increased their revenue
  • Lower bounces lead to lower DM costs
  • Improved reputation created more engagement for the same cost
Graph showing increase of deliverability across different email platforms
Graph displaying increase in hotmail placement of emails going to inbox instead of spam
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