Kiwibank Builds Rich Customer Profiles with Marigold Grow

For almost two decades, Kiwibank has been revolutionizing the New Zealand banking sector by delivering best-in-class service, as well as lower fees and competitive business rates. Boasting a customer base of over 20% of the entire population of New Zealand, Kiwibank wanted to get to know their customers even better to truly personalize offers and build emotional loyalty. 

In order to achieve this, Kiwibank turned to Marigold Engage+ to provide a solution that would help them create interactive marketing campaigns that collect zero-party data.

Interactive Quiz Solution

It is easy to collect simple demographic information, but getting more in depth with customers is often a challenge. Zero-party data is personal information and data offered by clients that goes beyond the basics, helps hyper-personalize marketing campaign efforts, and fuels future product sales.

Kiwibank knew it needed more personal customer data — and that the ability to create a wide variety of immersive customer experiences would help secure the necessary zero-party data. Marigold Grow was chosen because we provided the ability to choose from an ever-growing collection of stackable marketing experiences that connect the digital consumer on paid, earned, and owned channels, including social stories, giveaways, contests, quizzes, polls and surveys, landing pages, and more.

The Kiwibank “Meet Your Money Self” interactive quiz was designed to profile consumers’ spending habits in return for personalized advice. It leveraged 10 questions based on spending habits to help better understand customers. Participants answered these questions in return for personalized financial advice and product recommendations.

The quiz was housed on Kiwibank’s main website. To drive the desired demographic of millennial spenders and savers to it, Kiwibank delivered a marketing campaign of targeted Facebook and Google Double Click ads.

Upon entering the quiz, participants were served various profiling questions in return for their spending profile, whether that be “Power Spender,” “Security Saver,” “Freedom Seeker,” or “Sociable Sharer” with some light rationale explaining their profile.

Their efforts resulted in 150,000 campaign entries and boasted a 75% conversion rate.

From project initiation to design, rules set-up, program configuration, POS and order system integrations, testing, and successful rollout took just three months.

Leveraging Marigold Grow to Build Customer Profiles

With Marigold Grow, Kiwibank was able to quickly and painlessly create and launch an interactive marketing experience that incentivized customers to share personal information willingly.

More than 150,000 customers responded, providing important zero-party data that would enrich their customer profiles and help Kiwibank improve and deliver more personalized customer experiences.

With Marigold Grow in place, Kiwibank is poised to continue redefining the world of banking by knowing their customers in a way that allows them to delight and build lasting banking relationships.

By the Numbers

  • 75% conversion
  • 150,000 customer profiles updated with zero-party data
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