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How Emailing Network implemented end-to-end data gathering, messaging and harmonization in just 6 months

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A Little Background 

Emailing Network is one of Europe’s leading email marketing and CRM specialists with over a decade’s worth of experience. Its services generate traffic in email, display, social networks and CRM for some of the world’s most renowned brands, including behemoths like Nike, Amazon and Groupon. 

But they’re no batch and blast provider. Emailing Network delivers relevant and personalized commercial content, using behavioural data to help consumers save time by making more considered purchases. This strategy generates quality traffic that can be monetized by its clients – maximising their sales and ROI making them a vital partner to their clients.

Every year, more than 5,000 advertisers trust Emailing Network’s array of online communication channels to increase their sales, resulting in more than 900M impressions, 3.7BN dynamic email sends and 135 published categories –  generating a staggering €200M+ in sales.

We sat down with Isabel Rivero, CMO of Emailing Network to get the inside story on how Marigold Engage+’s suite of data gathering, messaging and data harmonization tools are empowering the team at Emailing Network to turn insights into action. 

5 thousand

5,000 advertisers trust Emailing Network annually

500 million

500 million email sends per year

200 million euro

€200M annual sales for its clients

The Challenge

Emailing Network has been working with Marigold Engage+ for some time, champions of our legacy platform; CheetahMail. The tool was a market-leader for cross-channel messaging, but as the need for digital transformation accelerated, Cheetah skilled-up quickly to meet changing consumer expectations – bringing the Customer Engagement Suite (CES) to market.

Whilst working with Cheetah for its messaging initiatives, Emailing Network had other tools for data collection and storage. Modern organizations like Emailing Network are awash with data, but it’s fragmented from all manner of sources and the data resides in disparate systems like analytics, email, mobile, campaign management, point-of-sale, and social — which are not integrated, nor were designed to be.

Emailing Network arrived at the point where it had so much data it didn’t know what to do with it, and it didn’t have a central repository to harmonize the data, understand it, or make intelligent decisions off the back of it.

Emailing Network realized that independently upgrading its messaging, data collection and data storage solutions would take at least two years, leaving it’s engagement strategies on hold for far too long.

Enter Marigold Engage+ and it’s Customer Engagement Suite – the only solution that collects first- and zero-party data at scale, delivers personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging and harmonizes all data under a single, accessible view…with the promise of full implementation in a mere six months.

The Brief

Emailing Network approached Marigold Engage+ to quickly and efficiently upgrade its technology solutions for collecting, viewing and actioning data.

They wanted to be able to collect vast amounts of behavioral and preference data from its customers, deliver colossal amounts of highly-personalized email and SMS and harmonize all customer data under a single, accessible view.


73% of technology platform migrations take longer than a year to complete

The Solution

Data-Driven Strategies With The Customer Engagement Suite

The Marigold Engage+ enables marketers to rapidly scale and meet the demands of the modern consumer.

Collecting First- And Zero-Party Data At Scale: Marigold Grow

Domiciled in Spain, Emailing Network falls under the jurisdiction of GDPR legislation. Coupled with consumers ever-more cognizant of privacy preserving tools, browsers curtailing cookie tracking, and Apple’s IDFA, organizations need to rethink how they collect consumer data.

Emailing Network turned to Marigold Grow (one tenet within the CES) to collect first-and zero-party data at scale. Marigold Grow are short-lived, data-gathering interactive marketing campaigns that conduct research, accrue opt-ins and deliver an altogether better experience for the consumer.

Whether a questionnaire, poll, quiz or social story, by leveraging these interactive experiences that incorporate incentive mechanics, Emailing Network can quickly and easily collect opt-ins and preference insights at speed and scale.

As with all Marigold Grow, every campaign Emailing Network will live its personal experience library where it can be rapidly cloned, re-used and configured for future similar initiatives.

I know that the data that I gather from Experiences is going to end up directly in the EDP, and the data that we generate through our emails in Messaging is also ending up in the correct profile in EDP.

Isabel Rivero, CMO of Emailing Network

A Single Accessible View of Customer Data: Engagement Data Platform

A single source of truth, or golden record combines meaningful, reliable data from multiple systems into a single view that’s more accurate, more complete, and truer than the data from any single source – serving as a complete record for Emailing Network of all relevant and up-to-date customer information across the organization.

The Engagement Data Platform (EDP), meets this need by enabling an always-on, always-processing single source of truth that facilitates a unified and complete view of the customer.

Emailing Network can truly understand customer behavior as it can see all of it in one place, empowering the organization to anticipate customer behaviors and deliver the right experiences at the precise moment a customer engages. Going a step further, Emailing Network is harnessing the power of the EDP’s AI and Machine Learning tools to understand behavior and anticipate what they are likely to do next. This includes algorithms for propensity scoring, clustering, and send-time optimization.

What we actually want is to be able to have a profile per user. We have a lot of segments that we get to know with each behavioral data that they provide. The EDP will allow us to stop talking about just segments and start talking about the profile of each of our users.

Isabel Rivero, CMO of Emailing Network

Data-Driven Engagement: Marigold Engage+

With Emailing Network sending over 500 million emails per year, deliverability success is essential. A 1% decrease in deliverability is a staggering 5 million emails ending up in the junk folder. By harnessing all of the data and personalization possibilities that Marigold Engage+ possessed, Emailing Network has seen positive upticks in deliverability.

There are numerous touchpoints in which one should be connecting with your customer, but email is still comfortably the preferred channel of consumers for receiving offers, content, incentives, and rewards from brands. However, rising above the noise in crowded inboxes and making that connection can be a challenge. Catchy subject lines might accrue you an open, but it’s imperative you’re respecting your customers’ preferences and privacy, as well as delivering content that adds value.

Emailing Network powers email from Marigold Engage+ to more closely align with customers’ expectations, improve the relevancy of emails, and make that all-important connection. Emailing Network can define segments and audiences using the most up-to-date customer profile and run queries on large data sets — applying analytics in real-time, such as content and product recommendations, as well as send time optimization trigger campaigns based on online behavioral data, or other real-time events.

The data that we generate through our emails in Messaging is also ending up in the correct profile in EDP.
Isabel Rivero, CMO of Emailing Network

The Results

“There are a lot of options in the market, but what turned the corner was the fact that we had Messaging, the EDP and Experiences. We had one solution, with the three different areas that we needed to cover. Messaging to be able to deliver emails, then we have the EDP to store and process all the data of the profiles of each user, and Experiences that gave us options on how to use and grow that data.” — Isabel Rivera, CMO of Emailing Network

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