Organisations often find it hard to discard what was once valuable to them. When hard-earned email subscribers become deadwood, it can be a challenge to simply cut loose. But not cleaning your lists means missing out on real opportunities for engagement and conversion.

This was the challenge for our client, a leading parcel delivery comparison website, laid before us.

Admitting that your audience is no longer engaged is a painful pill to swallow. However, keeping your list clean should always take priority over simply wanting to hold on to many subscribers. Cleansing data will ultimately reduce your bounce rates and wastage, and can improve your results.


Our client’s legacy data had become problematic. Poor quality data was generating low open and click-through rates, and campaign resources were being wasted on an inactive audience.

To make matters worse, our client risked damaging their sender reputation if they continued to send campaigns to their unengaged subscribers.


The digital consulting team went through a process of reactivating subscribers and motivating them to remember why they had subscribed in the first place.

Working with the client, our Consulting team:

  • Created re-engagement campaigns that deployed in batches to prevent further damage to the client’s sender reputation.
  • Used re-permission campaigns to ensure no valuable data was unnecessarily lost.
  • Designed new emails to educate and engage with subscribers.
  • Optimised email copy and subject lines to stand out in the inbox.


Our client saw improvements as a result of our efforts, including:

  • 130% increase in open rates
  • 111% increase in click rates
  • 27% increase in conversions
  • 34% increase in revenue