Offer Management

We help global brands deliver incentives that resonate, driving repeatable revenue and increasing customer loyalty.
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Deliver highly customizable, personalized offers to your loyal customers

Every offer you send customers is an opportunity to provide a brand experience that will exceed their expectations. We enable global, enterprise brands to deliver and manage bulk and personalized offers at the point of sale and via multiple communication channels, ensuring the customer’s experience is as seamless as possible. 

Personalized offers

We aggregate, analyze, and activate your complex data to provide your customers with offers based on their individual transaction history, preferences, and past behaviors, driving their ongoing trust in your brand.

Localized offers

Our scalable offer management solution is designed to serve brands of all sizes and global footprints. We manage localized offers, enabling certain regions, stores, or franchise locations to deploy offers that will delight their unique customer base.

Promo codes

Award special promotional offers or discounts to your customers on a single or multi-use basis. With this capability, you can drive more business to your brand and enhance your customers’ overall satisfaction with their experience.

Rewards store

For many customers, redeeming points is a very personal experience. With our rewards store, you can provide rewards that reflect your unique brand and match your customers’ preferences, enabling customers to access, redeem, and manage their rewards whenever is most convenient for them.

Brand advocacy

Providing the right offer to your customers can not only impact purchase frequency, it can increase loyalty. What’s more, it increases their likelihood to promote your brand to their friends and family, expanding your future customer base.
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Create customer experiences wherever they interact with your brand in real time

Customers are accustomed to redeeming offers at a variety of locations in real time. Any issues with the redemption process can adversely impact their loyalty to your brand. We seamlessly integrate with point-of-sale (POS) systems, kiosks, e-commerce systems, and third-party partners, ensuring you’re able to deliver the offer experience your customers deserve. 

POS integrations

Engaging customers at the point of sale is an easy way to create delightful experiences that drive repeatable revenue. We integrate with almost any POS system, including NCR, POSitouch, Micros, and aptos, to name a few.

Digital integrations

E-commerce, kiosk, and mobile systems are an increasingly vital point of interaction with customers. Our integrations with these systems allow us to truly understand SKU-level purchases, enabling real-time offers based on customer behaviors.

Third-party integrations

We can integrate with your existing third-party offer management platform to deliver a seamless cross-channel customer experience.
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Understand the impact of your offer strategy

Managing offers can be a time-consuming task. Our reporting capabilities help identify which offers resonate with your customers and which don’t, strengthening your future offer strategy and creating brand experiences your customers will crave. 

Reporting dashboard

Accessing your performance metrics is easy with our reporting dashboard. We provide the real-time information you need to make educated decisions regarding ongoing and upcoming customer offers all in a single view.

Relevant insights

Our flexible reports are designed to meet your business needs. We provide pre-set, commonly requested reports and the capability to design custom reports based on your unique requirements.

Data activation

Your data holds the key to engaging customers on a deeper level. Our systems can mine your data to identify and deliver personalized offers to your customers.

Deliver the personalized, reliable offers needed to increase customer loyalty to your brand.


Protect customers’ trust in your brand

Your customers trust you to use their data to deliver more personalized, relevant offers. They also expect you to protect this data. We provide the technology, experience, and safeguards needed to ensure your customers’ valuable information is secured against any potential threats. 

We secure your data through:

  • Best-practice application security protocols
  • Compliance with strict data governance principles
  • Encrypted data in-transit and at-rest
  • Ongoing security monitoring and reinforcement

Are your offers and promotions effective?

Successful offer management is just one facet of creating an awesome customer loyalty experience. Our Cheetah Loyalty solution is designed to serve the full spectrum of loyalty capabilities global, enterprise-scale brands need to curate and retain customer loyalty.