Cross-channel Campaigns

Create stronger, more meaningful customer relationships by communicating with them in the way they prefer — no matter what that channel may be.
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Connect with customers in the way that matters most

Reaching millions of customers to drive desired behaviors is a challenging but important marketing responsibility. Our solution has the data-management power and cross-channel execution abilities to achieve your goals and drive results. 

Maximize every interaction

Today’s connected world requires you to meet customers where they are. We help you orchestrate tailored experiences across digital and in-person touchpoints that are designed to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Earn customer trust

Every communication you send has the potential to enhance or damage customers’ trust in your brand. By using data to build strategic, personalized messages, you can ensure every experience they have with your brand is a positive one.

One workflow, every channel

Everyone on your team can be a cross-channel campaign expert with our campaign solutions. Use the same interface, assets, and audiences to deploy an email campaign, create a landing page, or send a mobile message.

Email marketing engine

Enterprise marketers face the tough task of reaching millions of customers and managing hundreds of campaigns every day. Our easy-to-use interface and workflows helps make this task easier.

Global brand, local execution

Give regional marketing teams the tools to address their markets with coordinated, on-brand campaigns. We offer a simple drag-and-drop interface for local marketers to build rich marketing messages from a library of pre-approved assets.
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Your campaigns should work for you, not the other way around

Every customer your brand interacts with has distinct communication preferences and expectations. Our platform infers these details and adjusts its campaigns on your behalf, allowing you to connect with your audience on an individual level and create positive brand experiences.

Complete picture

Want to create memorable, personalized experiences? You’ll need a complete picture of your customer. Our solution enables marketers to source data points from nearly any location across your enterprise.

Genuine interactions

Your customers are individuals — and they want to be treated as such. Our platform recognizes individual behaviors and preferences, allowing you to deliver content that more directly relates to your customers’ lives based on your business rules.

Robust testing capabilities

The recipe for a successful email campaign today may not work tomorrow. We provide advanced A/B testing abilities that allow you to try alternate subject lines, offers, and calls-to-action to discover what will generate the best response, eliminating the guesswork in a hassle-free workflow.

Channel optimization

How your message gets delivered has a profound impact on customer attitudes toward your brand. It’s easy to add new messaging mediums with our plug-and-play channel capabilities. Robust email, SMS, social, and mobile app features draw from the same content source, promoting a consistent cross-channel voice.

We make it easy to reach millions of customers in a personalized, thoughtful way.


Execute campaigns with confidence

Each interaction you have with customers is an opportunity to reinforce their trust in your brand. As your partner, we protect their data as if it was our own, ensuring every message you send is safely and securely delivered. We hold our Marketing Suite and Cheetah Loyalty solutions to strict industry security standards.

Campaign services

Do your campaigns stand out?

Delivering highly personalized campaigns to millions of customers shouldn’t be a a headache. Our campaign services team becomes a true extension of your organization. We execute your campaigns from beginning to end, driving measurable campaign success.