Unlocking Direct-to-Consumer Relationships in CPG/FMCG: Part 1


Brands for Consumer Packaged Goods and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (CPG/FMCG) — have tons of consumer data at their disposal, but organizing and unifying such data into a single view can be a mammoth task. Nevertheless, to succeed in a competitive market, brands must find a way to harness and utilize this data — especially when, according to Marigold Engage+’s 2022 Consumer Trends Index, consumers across the U.K. interact with a brand on multiple channels, and oftentimes unpredictably.

In a digital-first landscape, consumers spend time on various channels, requiring tightened privacy while expecting better personalization. Striking the right balance between the two is crucial, and that balance begins with relationship marketing, which puts the customer at the heart of the strategy.

In this three-part blog series, we’ll talk about the four key elements to unlocking direct-to-consumer relationships in CPG/FMCG brands, how those elements work in relationship marketing, and how Marigold Engage+’s platform is helping CPG/FMCG brands drive revenue and create competitively personalized consumer communications.


Finding an audience: Turning unknown customers into known


Look inside a kitchen or bathroom cabinet in any household, and you’ll find familiar tins, packets, jars, and cartons of food, drink, detergents, and other products from well-known and trusted CPG/FMCG brands. While they are common, everyday names, they lack data about their customers because these brands sell their wares through retail partners. This means they often don’t understand what compels consumers to purchase.

While brands no longer look to cookie tracking, Apple’s IDFA, or aggregated third-party lists — and they don’t squander budgets on the broader broadcast of digital ads, which haven’t delivered a tangible ROI for nearly 25 years — they want to turn “unknown” customers into “known.”

Consumers are more cognizant than ever about the value of their data, and the majority of them purchase CPG/FMCG products from third-parties, meaning collecting data may take some extra work. However, it is entirely possible for CPG/FMCG marketers to get to know their customers by collecting marketing opt-ins to get purchase intentions and preferences, which should be proactively shared by the consumer. It just takes the right value exchange.


Creating the right value exchange & collecting data


Forging strong Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) relationships begins with gathering data insights about customers to understand their wants and needs. Collecting opt-ins and preference data that will turn unknown customers into known buyers, rather than relying on unsure guesswork, starts by initiating interaction and simply asking for data.

This zero-party data empowers CPG/FMCG brands to build direct relationships with consumers by helping them better personalize marketing efforts, services, offers, and product recommendations. Collecting zero-party data takes offering a tantalizing value exchange; if getting something in return, consumers will usually happily share their preference data, like purchase intentions and motivators, which will help you build a 360-degree view of who they are. In fact, according to Marigold Engage+’s 2022 Consumer Trends Index, 59% of U.K. consumers are comfortable sharing data about themselves like clothing size, age, and family make-up for better service.

Digitally savvy consumers expect to be entertained, engaged and receive something in return for their attention and personal data. Brands can offer value exchange in the form of coupons, competitions, social kudos or content to name a few. They can deliver this value through interactive experiences that conduct market research, accrue opt-ins and deliver an altogether better experience, while offering a tangible exchange for the consumer.


Successful brands start with Marigold Engage+

Building meaningful connections with customers is the first step to unlocking D2C relationships. Keeping the consumer at the center of the marketing strategy will help brands truly deliver on the demand for authenticity, convenience, and personalized experiences. Marigold Engage+’s platform empowers zero-party data marketers to deliver personalized, cross-channel communications, customer experiences, and loyalty programs all from one easy-to-use platform. CPG/FMCG brands trust Marigold Engage+ in helping turn unknown customers into known, so they can collect data and create a single view to better reach consumers, grow business, and drive revenue.
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