Omnichannel Personalisation: Data, the Complex Dart for Bullseye


Mobile can polarize customer experience from being invasive to highly valuable and frictionless for consumers. Data regulations and policy have evolved as have consumers’ attitudes over recent years and understanding how to best navigate a digital engagement strategy is dependent on leveraging the data assets via direct customer relationships.

“I want to be treated as a consumer in a way that demonstrates that a brand knows who I am, knows where and how I want to be contacted and what that message and that interaction looks like in an ideal world for me. And it’s driven by the consumer and not just by brand KPIs or brand focus.”

A stellar panel from MEF (Mobile Ecosystem Forum) Connects kicked off with the above insightful quote from Luke Harris, Marigold Engage+’s Senior Director, EMEA, regarding how brands should be rethinking modern personalisation. Moderator Andy Gladwin, Head of Mobile for Cheetah, was also joined by Barry Nolan, Chief Strategy Officer of Swrve, and Nikhil Shoorji, Managing Director Europe, Infobip.

Touching on topics ranging from the evolution of the data environment to the emergence of conversational channels, this is a fantastic session for any marketer looking to get a deeper perspective on omnichannel personalisation.

Key insights on personalisation

Opening with the topic of personalisation, the three-panel members shared strategies and more.

Today the consumer is expecting to be able to interact with a brand across all channels, across platforms, apps, and they expect to do it 24 hours a day. – Nikhil Shoorji

Personalisation is quite simple, you get to 2-3x returns if you personalise. And it’s not “Hi, first name,” all that stuff is table stakes today. We work in apps, web apps, TV apps, mobile apps — a few billion of them our stuff is installed in — and the interesting thing isn’t just personalisation it’s context. And what does context mean? I flew in here yesterday and I googled the hotel I wanted to stay in and Google supplies immediately a whole lot of different options to compete against. And that’s context; it’s in that moment, it’s on that device, it’s anticipating customer need. – Barry Nolan

Thinking about zero-party data as the core of a profile an individual has. Data they are willing to share with you with the opt-ins as a legal right to reuse that as a way to personalise your experience with them. It’s not just name, email address, and birthday but it’s also likes, preferences, dislikes, and guidance on how you can continue to communicate with that customer moving forward. And the ability to be able to capture that at scale and use that across channels is really key to unlocking so much of the value that we’re talking about today. And if we’re thinking around personalisation as a nirvana to get to enrich the experience that we as consumers have, that’s key to knowing the individual. – Luke Harris

Watch the MEF Panel session on-demand now

This 30-minute session is full of knowledge and wisdom around omnichannel personalisation and you can view it at your convenience. Watch it here now.

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