Leave Batch and Blast in the Past: How Robust Segmentation Unlocks Personalization at Scale

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Brands looking to consistently engage their audience and build emotional loyalty cannot rely on a “batch and blast” messaging strategy. Whether you reach customers through email, in-app, social media, or via remarketing, marketers need to be creating 1:1, personalized touches that build off of each other to develop real relationships.

Zero-party data is your ticket to fueling powerful personalization at scale. After collecting identity data, preference insights, purchase intentions and more through interactive digital Experiences (like these!), you have what you need for progressive profiling and robust segmentation.

Now, it’s time to action that data:

Be confident in your data

Third-party data and cookies are not always accurate; this data is based on inferences and assumptions. Alongside its imprecision, employing third-party data can also alienate your audience. After surveying 6,000 global consumers for our 2023 Consumer Trends Index, we found that 35% of consumers felt frustration when they received messaging based on information they hadn’t shared directly with the brand, and a whopping 61% found ads derived from third-party cookie tracking to be creepy.

The good news is first and zero-party data is ethically collected, and voluntarily shared by customers who want brands to execute better personalization. In fact, we found that 82% of consumers favor a brand’s messaging that treats them like an individual. First and zero-party data is also more accurate than third-party data, so marketers can drive hyper-personalization with customers’ approval and avoid that “creep” factor.  So, let’s put your data to work!

Use rich data to find individuals

First- and zero-party data is granular and precise, allowing for profiling and segmentation to go beyond basic identity data so you can reach each customer as an individual. Marketers can create robust segmentation informed by preference insights, purchase intentions, and behavioral data. 

Robust segmentation can fuel scalable campaigns and journeys that allow you to target each customer as an individual, accounting for every possible buyer persona to drive engagement and conversion.

Personalize beyond %FIRSTNAME%

Marketers can use customer segmentation and cohort analysis to send highly targeted emails, push notifications, SMS messages, and social posts. This robust data informs touches that elicit action from customers. You can dynamically link relevant offers to profiles who have expressed interest in that product, so you are sending offers to those most likely to engage.

Don’t be irrelevant

Knowing what to send is important, but knowing what NOT to send is equally valuable. Our CTI also found that almost half of consumers (49%) felt frustrated when they received irrelevant content or offers, while a third of consumers felt frustrated when they received messaging that didn’t recognize their shopping or loyalty history. Know your customers’ wants, needs, and desires to filter campaigns and avoid inbox clogging.

See it in Action 

Terres & Eaux quickly and efficiently delivered personalized messaging with Marigold Engage+’s simple and intuitive content creation tools. Using rich data, they created contextually relevant emails with the right message, at the right time, closely aligning with their customers’ expectations to improve the relevancy of emails and making that all-important connection.

From once having a single blanket email that would go to all customers, they now have a plethora of emails that map to different segments, and every possible buyer persona.

First-party data is a hallmark of modern marketing and absolutely necessary to create customized experiences for your customers. It goes without saying that a marketing must-have is tech that can keep up with consumer expectations. To get your first-party data optimization started (or take it to the next level), contact Marigold Engage+ here.

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