Marigold Engage+ is RealCDP Certified for 2022

2022 RealCDP Certified

Customers expect every interaction, regardless of channel or device, to be a continuation of their previous experience. Marketers require access to a unified and actionable single customer view to satisfy these expectations and build lasting relationships. Unfortunately, most brands struggle across disparate channels and fail to deliver relevant answers to their customers’ questions. This leaves the door open for competitors to provide those answers instead.

The CDP Institute states that a CDP addresses a common challenge of bringing together customer data that reside in different systems, builds a complete profile of information about each customer, and makes those profiles available to any system that needs them. Many brands have begun to invest in a customer data platform (CDP) to resolve the complications of organizing, activating, and engaging consistently across channels.

Marigold Engage+ is thrilled that the CDP Institute has completed another audit and confirmed that Marigold Engage+’s Customer Engagement Suite meets all core RealCDP Certification requirements.

Marigold Engage+ user interface example

RealCDP is awarded by the CDP Institute to vendors whose systems meet the RealCDP criteria. The certification is based on a thorough audit of the system capabilities and reflects compliance with the following requirements:

  1. Ingest data from any source. This includes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Ingestion may be via API connectors, queries from the CDP that pull data from source systems, streaming connectors that load a constant stream of data, and automated file imports.
  2. Capture full detail of ingested data. It must retain the full details of all ingested data rather than summaries or selected attributes.
  3. Store ingested data indefinitely (subject to privacy constraints). The CDP needs to store the data it ingests, rather than allowing it to pass through.
  4. Create unified profiles of identified individuals. A unified customer profile needs to associate all available data with an identified individual (versus anonymous profiles).
  5. Share data with any system that needs it. The CDP needs to make its data available to all external systems. Open access is achieved through a published API that lets any system query the CDP.
  6. Respond in real-time to new data and to profile requests. The CDP needs to respond to events – both human and computer-to-computer interactions- quickly enough that there is no perceptible delay.

In the audit report, the CDP Institute states that “By embedding proven technologies, Marigold Engage+ delivers a full CDP Stack that enables companies to improve revenues by understanding customer behavior and delivering more relevant messages.”

This is a confirmation that capabilities within the Cheetah Platform help marketers activate data to coordinate real-time interactions across all channels and touchpoints. The RealCDP recognition validates a strategic product roadmap that helps marketers continue to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Building better relationships with Marigold Engage+

Consumer brands are working to replace cookies and batch-and-blast by bridging the gap between data and contextual engagement with a B2C CRM that achieves true 1:1 personalization. The Cheetah Platform goes beyond the standard capabilities of a CDP by connecting the actionable single-view of the customer with relationship-building loyalty and engagement. Marketers can be more human and empathetic by going beyond the next transaction and reward advocates for being champions of their community. Cheetah makes this possible by seamlessly connecting core marketing channels like Email and SMS to next-generation engagement like social challenges and instant win competitions.

Marketers partner with Cheetah to deliver meaningful experiences at every point in the customer lifecycle. Unknown customers are welcomed into the brand relationship with incentives to become known and understood. Known customers are encouraged to learn more with personalization based on their expressed interests. Loyal customers are rewarded for evangelizing and interacting with your brand.

For more information, download the Cheetah RealCDP Certification report below.

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