Loyalty Management

Take your customer relationships beyond the transactional point of sale by delivering customer experiences that drive emotional connections with your brand.
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Deliver the unique loyalty experiences your customers deserve

Customers have more access and options when it comes to how and what brands they spend their valuable time and money with. By rewarding their behaviours — not just transactions — with points, loyalty tiers and statuses, and reward store access, you can promote incremental, repeatable, and predictable brand revenue, and more enjoyable customer experiences, too.

Points management

Whether your points system is a fledgling strategy or a well-oiled machine, we can help you manage it. Our technology ensures your customers always have up-to-date points balances and can redeem their rewards in real-time.

Flexible loyalty tiers

We can design, establish, and manage loyalty tiers that reflect your unique business and ensure your most valuable customers know exactly how much they mean to your brand.

Exclusive rewards

The rewards you deliver should match your customers’ high expectations. We make it easy to manage one or more reward systems, ensuring you can create VIP experiences for your most valuable customers.

Innovative programmes

Too many loyalty programmes copy what’s already been done. We have the technology, experience, and expertise to build and execute unique loyalty programmes that create memorable customer experiences and drive incremental brand revenue.
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Increase loyalty through personalised, brand-focused interactions

Your brand experience must represent your unique story, values, and benefits in a way that resonates with your customers. Our loyalty solutions can enable you to engage customers with immersive, personalised, and entertaining activities. We help enhance customers’ perception of your brand, while also increasing their average order values and repeat purchase frequency.

Cross-channel experiences

Your loyalty programmes should encourage brand attachment everywhere your customers are. We activate your data to create targeted experiences through email, push messages, mobile app, web, and SMS/MMS messages.

Value-based engagement

Based on your customers’ behaviours and the value they bring to your brand, we deliver targeted earning opportunities, personalised experiences, and exclusive rewards. Our loyalty solutions make your customers feel valued and appreciated.

Customer feedback

Customer loyalty isn’t built by talking at a customer — it’s built by actively listening to them. We have survey and voice-of-customer (VOC) solutions that can collect customer feedback, allowing you to provide more relevant, targeted experiences that will resonate with your customers and drive the outcomes you desire.

Preference-based interactions

Personal preferences matter — especially when it comes to creating customer trust. We help you sift through your customers’ demographic, behavioural, transactional, and contextual data to deliver experiences they will delight in.

We can help you transform your customers’ experiences and increase their visit frequency and spend with our best-in-class loyalty management solution.


Deliver secure loyalty programmes

Our loyalty programmes and management capabilities are designed to protect your customers’ personal and transactional data. We provide the security safeguards, experience, and expertise needed to ensure your customers’ experiences are seamless and safe.

We secure your data through:

  • Best-practice application security protocols

  • Compliance with strict data governance principles

  • Encrypted data in-transit and at-rest

  • Ongoing security monitoring and reinforcement


Do your brand experiences create loyalty?

Customers expect the communications and loyalty offers they receive from your brand to reflect their in-the-moment preferences. We can help you build a unique loyalty programme that will speak to your customers’ individual preferences, interests, and behavioural history.