Transforming Customer Experiences with Loyalty and CRM

A loyalty program is not merely a rewards program. A lot of marketing departments think they need a points-based rewards program, because all-too-many conflate the term loyalty program with rewards program. Points-win prizes is merely one of the many different tactics one can use to help engender loyalty.

Sure consumers still value a discount for their loyalty, or points to keep them coming back, but the majority also love all of the things that make your brand unique, and, in turn, makes them feel special. Things like engaging interactive experiences, exclusive access, personalized recommendations based on their self-reported preferences and purchase history, like brand recognition, and feeling part of your brand’s community.

Your customers expect comprehensive loyalty programs that go beyond the generic. The heart of loyalty is not merely the cheapest price-point, but a brand that can foster community, recognizes the customer as an individual, and delivers content and product recommendations that reflect this.

57% of consumers are prepared to pay more to purchase from a trusted brand

34% of consumers are loyal to certain brands because they love their loyalty program

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