Is It Time For a New Email Software Partner?

Is your email service provider just a vendor or a true partner invested in your success? If that is a question you’re asking yourself lately, here are 20 more questions to ask yourself when evaluating your current email technology.

Managing email communications is not an individual endeavor at the enterprise level. Even organizations that have large teams require partners. A software vendor is one of those key partners without whom things would not get done. When is the right time to evaluate your current partner and determine if they are still meeting your needs?

The technology environment changes rapidly. Company and departmental requirements change. And even executive leadership changes. These are all reasons why the partner you committed to for three years might not be the best option when that contract expires. After using software for a couple of years, the details of many of the workarounds and inefficiencies may have faded from memory. But the inability to run campaigns that grow sales or to send accurate transactional emails represents real lost revenue.


After using software for a couple of years, the details of many of the workarounds and inefficiencies may have faded from memory.


The time to start looking at other partners is the moment you realize how many compromises you made in your initial purchase and how many you continue to make every day.

Evaluating email software partners starts with software that meets all the requirements, but there are other criteria that must be considered. Review the following list of questions about your current email software. 


If you answer yes to more than a few questions, then the time to review your software partner is now.

Is your email software difficult to use?
Does your email system require extensive IT support?
Have customers stopped responding to your emails?
Have your email open and click rates plummeted and you don’t know why?
Has your revenue per email decreased?
Are you unable to incorporate any type of customer data into emails?
Do you ever have issues with the accuracy of customer data in emails?
Are you unable to incorporate real-time customer data into emails?
Are you unable to use customer data for segmentation and targeting?
Do you need a programmer to write complex code every time you want to use customer data to segment emails?
Are you unable to easily make changes to segments without IT support?
Are you limited to using pre-built journeys when incorporating data, rather than having flexibility to create custom workflows?
Are you unable to easily make changes to pre-planned journeys?
Are you unable to easily update pre-planned journeys based on real-time activities?
Is your data structure outdated, inefficient, and inflexible?
Do your data sources import into your email system in batches, rather than in real-time?
Are you unable to access any data source in your reporting?
Is data locked in your email system and you are unable to push it into other systems like CRM?
Do you have to hire a team of third-party experts to your manage your campaigns?
Does your software vendor feel like just a vendor, rather than a true partner committed to your success?
Ultimately, do you feel like you do not have enough control over your email system to get your job done effectively and efficiently?